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InetSoft's Free Dashboard Visualization Software

What Can You Do?

InetSoft's free visualization dashboard software is a cloud-based derivative of InetSoft's commercial downloadable product, Style Scope. Upload a spreadsheet and use a drag-and-drop designer to create executive monitoring dashboards or interactive operational visual dashboards with advanced chart types, selection lists, cross-chart filtering, and more. You can update the spreadsheet on a daily or weekly basis, and so will all your dashboard charts.

Do You Need to Connect to Live Data?

InetSoft offers commercial versions of its dashboard data application, either for on-premise installation or hosted by InetSoft, that connect to live data sources and provide many more enterprise features such as data transformation, data mashup, single-sign on, and user-level security permission control. Contact us to learn more!

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InetSoft offers free

InetSoft's free online dashboard software shares much of the same help resources as InetSoft's commercial software. There is online documentation and video training. When browsing the video library look for those labeled for Visualize Free.

The InetSoft engineer-moderated user forum is the primary support channel for questions not covered by the help resources.

About InetSoft's Commercial Options

This free service is great for individual-oriented dashboarding and anlytics, but when you need more capabilities such as private sharing of dashboards, please evaluate InetSoft's commercial offerings.

Some common data and enterprise/cloud application provider requirements that are not found in the free version are:

  • Connection to many cloud and on-premise data sources

  • Advanced data mashup and data modeling

  • Mixing of visualization dashboards & pixel-perfect reports

  • Big data access and a built-in acceleration engine

  • Sophisticated security control including multi-tenancy

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