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What Style Scope AE Offers?

Style Scope Agile Edition (Style Scope AE) is free visualization dashboard software provided by InetSoft. The application is a lightweight edition of InetSoft's commercial Style Scope product. It is light enough to be installed on a laptop and can scale for enterprise usage in a server cluster in the cloud or on-premises. It combines data preparation and visualization into one visual design process for rapid dashboarding.

What is Required

Style Scope AE can be used by anyone who understands their data. It has a 100% in-browser drag-and-drop design experience for both data preparation, key metrics creation, and visualization. Even though it is a server-based product, its resource requirements are very modest and the app can be installed on a regular desktop or laptop computer.

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Databases & Files

You can connect to databases such as MySQL, Oracle and SQL Server. Actually, any data source with a JDBC driver, which includes virtually all types of databases, can be connected. Excel and text files can also be loaded into the app directly.

Transform & Mashup Data

Transform, cleanse and normalize data through a rich set of commands on data blocks that are mapped from data sources. For combining disparate data sources, mash up data blocks in Lego-like building fashion.

Data blocks built for one dashboard are not tied to the dashboards. They can serve as building blocks for new dashboards.


Drag and drop data blocks to build interactive visualization dashboards. The shared user interface enables rapidly iteration of data manipulation and visualization.

The dashboards are instantly available on the web to other users. With just a browser, others not only can interact with pre-built dashboards but also modify or create dashboards of their own.

Style Scope AE offers free

Style Scope AE shares much of the same help resources as InetSoft's commercial software. There is online documentation and video training. When browsing the video library look for those labeled for Style Scope AE.

The InetSoft engineer-moderated user forum is the primary support channel for questions not covered by the the help resources.

About Style Scope Agile Edition and Beyond

Style Scope Agile Edition is a free offering from InetSoft, a pioneer in self-service business intelligence.

There are many other capabilties and enterprise-grade features found in InetSoft's commercial products

Some common data and enterprise/cloud provider requirements that are not found in Style Scope AE are:

  • Connection to many cloud and on-premise data sources

  • Advanced data mashup and data modeling

  • Mixing of visualization dashboards & pixel-perfect reports

  • Big data access and a built-in acceleration engine

  • Sophisticated security control including multi-tenancy

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