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Style Scope Free Edition - Free Dashboard Software

Style Scope Free Edition is a free dashboarding tool based on the advanced commercial dashboard and visualization software developed by InetSoft, an innovator in business intelligence software since 1996.

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Style Scope Free Edition is a small-footprint server that delivers Web-based interactive Flash dashboards and visualizations that can be shared within an organization. The Java-based application can be installed on any Windows, Unix, or Mac desktop and can be connected to data in standard relational databases as well as spreadsheets.

The kinds of dashboards that can be created range from monitoring and executive dashboards to sophisticated interactive visual analysis and business management dashboards.


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dashboard gallery
Important Notes: Last Update: 2/12/2013 - v11.3

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If you don't have Java, the Windows EXE installer will take care of that.

For 64 bit Windows users, you can use the 64 bit installer.

If you already have Java 1.6, you can use the cross-platform JAR installer.

For Apple OS support, you can use the Mac installer.

If you prefer a Software-as-a-Service visual analysis solution, try Visualize Free, also from InetSoft.

Alternatively, evaluate our full BI and reporting software for free.

Sample Dashboards

Baby Names Dashboard emissions dashboard sales dashboard
US Population Trends Dashboard Students by Study Dashboard Prius Dashboard